woman in headset making climbing gestures
Climbing the virtual academic ladder

I study how media changes people’s perceptions of the physical world.  I focus on immersive media such as virtual and mixed reality, but have found evidence for such perceptual shifts even in the sparse medium of texting.

As of July 2016, I am an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Cornell University.

I received my PhD in Communication from Stanford University, where I was advised by Professor Jeremy N. Bailenson in the Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

My Master of Science degree was in Biomedical Visualization in the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  My thesis was on creating digital models of complex anatomical structures.

Before beginning my PhD, I was the sole proprietor of Biomodal, a company focused on bridging the gap between digital and physical models in biomedical communication.  I worked with researchers and clinicians to prototype novel interactions for patient care and medical education.